Welcome to Super Health Expo 2018
Super Health Expo 2018 is the first international exhibition focused on sustainable urban lifestyle in China. The exhibition and the sustainable life forum will be held in Hangzhou Whitehorse Lake International Exhibition Center, in the leisurely Hangzhou City during April 13-15 in 2018.

Considering the physical and mental stress imposed on the urban population, Super Health Expo aims to convey positive and scientific views of life to urban young people. Through the display of health products of world's best quality, idea sharing in the most professional forum, the most positive sports experience, and the creative activities, it wants, along with 50,000+ people in pursuit of healthy life, to create "new attitude towards healthy urban life" and provide "healthy, environmental and vital" solutions for every day life in city, as well as to call on sustainable social development.


Preshow Public Campaign Participants who post data of over 10,000+ walking steps for continuous three days can get free tickets for exhibition and VIP vouchers for activities during the exhibition.

10,000+ Steps

There are more than three psychological workshops every day during the exhibition. Psychological therapies including painting, dancing, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), family tree structure and cosplay… Various activities will help urbanites know more about Family Origin, close relations, emotion management and interpersonal interaction to obtain a healthier psychological state.


To advocate public transportation and take the responsibility of society and city education, together with shared bike suppliers, Super Health Expo launches the campaign to offer free rental as well as no deposit for shared bikes during the exhibition.

No car – sharing activity

With the help of Greenpeace, experts in various fields botany, floriculture, agriculture and food, we will introduce the food system of community gardens from Washington. The expo will propose solutions to leftovers problem and how to build comfortable community environment by site simulation.

Community Garden in the Exhibition

An international eco chic fashion show will be on during the exhibition cooperated with WETAS Fashion. Well-known fashion designers with international models will work together to present a unique show which embodies the use of salvaged pieces and convey the concept of healthy life in an artistic way.

Fashion Show

The exhibition works with Zhejiang Council for Health Services Promotion and many investment institutions to offer opportunities for roadshows to health industries and start-ups.

Health Pioneer Roadshow


As an international platform, Super health expo cooperates with healthy associations around the world and exhibits global certified products,
services and technology to create a “Global Health village”.


Super health expo only chooses exhibits which are natural, environmental friendly and dynamic. All the exhibitors should be strictly audited for quality and professionalism throughout the Expo.


Super health expo devotes itself to closely connecting exhibitors and visitors.
It is an interactive and creative exhibition which will impress all the participants. The exhibitors and visitors will get closer by various events, workshops and forums during the exhibition.


Super health expo believes “we together are calling on urban healthy attitude”.
More than an exhibition, it is a platform for public health education and popularization to show the products, service and concepts which are truly healthy, as well as to promote the sustainable development of the society!







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Organizer: Hangzhou JR Exhibition Co,.Ltd.

Hangzhou International Trade Service Center

Co-Organizer: Zhejiang Foreign Economy Interchange Association

Zhejiang Cultural Creative Industry Association

Hangzhou Health Promotion Association

Zhejiang University City College

Overseas Partners: America Expo Group

Supporter: China Council for the Promotion of International

Trade Hangzhou Committee

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